Computational Mitochondrial PsychoBiology

Saggar M, Picard M .


By carefully studying the spatiotemporal dynamical patterns of communications between mitochondria, we aim to ultimately quantify energetic disturbances years before they manifest on a scan or in blood work into disease.


  • We recently examined the association between multiple features of mitochondrial health and stress-related behaviors in mice with diverse behavioral phenotypes
  • Multi-slice network analysis applied to our brain-wide mitochondrial dataset identified three large-scale networks of brain regions with shared mitochondrial signatures.
  • Mito-based networks also overlap with regional gene co-expression and structural connectivity, thereby providing convergent multimodal evidence of mitochondrial functional organization anchored in gene, brain and behavior.


  1. Rosenberg, A., Saggar, M., Rogu, P., Sandi, C., Dumitriu, D., Anacker, C., Picard, M. Mitochondrial Health in Mouse Cortical and Sub-cortical Brain Region Networks is Linked to Behavior .


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