Examining the neural correlates of creative capacity enhancement using targetted training.

Saggar M, Hawthorne G, Reiss A .


Creativity is widely recognized as an essential skill for entrepreneurial success and adaptation to daily-life demands. However, we know little about the neural changes associated with creative capacity. We are actively involved in doing a series of studies to better understand:

  • how creativity is manifested in the brain

  • can we enhance creativity using design-thinking based training

  • how the neural activity changes with creative capacity enhancement


  • We found that creativity can be enhanced using targetted d.school based training (2 hrs/wk for 5 wks)
  • We developed a novel game-like fMRI paradigm to study creative capacity using the social-game of Pictionary
  • Longitudinal analysis revealed reduced prefrontal engagement was associated with enhanced improvisational creativity
  • Heightened creative capacity was also associated with increased functional connectivity between cerebral-cerebellar regions (esp. prefrontal-cerebellum)


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Hasso-Plattner Design Thinking Research Program (HPDTRP) Grant to Dr. Allan Reiss .